Q&A for the Bride & Groom

Q + A for the Bride and GroomQ + A for the Bride and GroomQ + A for the Bride and GroomQ + A for the Bride and GroomHey ladies! I feel like I have been waiting SO LONG to write this post. If you remember, when Charles & I got engaged we were getting lots of questions and I said I would do a post answering the most asked questions. With less than ONE MONTH from our wedding day, I figured there wouldn’t be a more perfect day to share it. So without further adieu, here is our Q&A! 

go here How did you meet?
enter site H: Charles and I met in nursing school in August 2016.
go site C: In nursing school.

Did you have any awkward moments on first dates?
H: I can think of a few awkward moments that I am not willing to share haha. But one awkward thing I remember happened when we were on a date to the movies. Before the movie he wanted to grab something to eat at the little food court in the movie theater. I was like oh okay cool… no problem. He ordered a burger but didn’t have time to eat it at the food court & you aren’t allowed to bring food from the food court into the theater. Well… guess where that greasy hot burger went? Right into my Chloe bag… Yep… that’s right. I didn’t want to tell him no, but I also didn’t want a burger in one of my favorite designer bags. It was awkward to say the least haha!
C: I am very outgoing, and she is not so much, so she probably felt more awkward with me trying to break her out of her shell.

How does Charles feel about being an Instagram husband?
H: I can’t answer for him, but from my perspective I think he is really excited about it! At first when I used to talk to him about my blog I don’t think he really understood what it was about or what I really did. As soon as we got more serious and he learned more about it he was totally on board. Since then he has been my biggest supporter and really helped
C: I support Haleigh 100%. I’m very excited to be a part of something she is really passionate about doing.

What is your favorite thing about each other?
H: I think one of my favorite things about Charles is that he cares so deeply. He puts his whole heart into everything works hard for what he wants. He has offered unconditional support to me and I am so grateful to have him. I still feel like I found a real-life prince charming.
C: My favorite thing about Haleigh is that she is a beautiful, loving, accepting and open-minded individual. That’s more than one thing but I can’t just answer with one thing!

What are you most looking forward to about being married?
H: Everything! I can’t wait to experience life with my best friend.
C: I’m just looking forward to spending every single day with Haleigh. Also, I’m excited about getting to wear my ring!

Where are you going on your honeymoon?
H: It’s a surprise! I haven’t decided if I should reveal it now or keep it a secret. I did a poll on my stories and it was nearly split between keeping it a secret and telling it now!
C: Haleigh here! I’m censoring his answer because I am keeping it a surprise ;)

How did the proposal happen? Were you surprised?
H: The proposal happened on our 1 year anniversary at one of our favorite spots. I was MOST DEFINITELY surprised. I had no idea what was going on.
C: The proposal was on our “official” anniversary. The location I chose to propose was more sentimentally significant and not so fancy. I also arranged a surprise congratulations party for her when we returned home so, yes, I believe she was very surprised.

What will you (Haleigh) be wearing for the different wedding celebrations?
H: I have been looking around, but I haven’t actually picked out my outfits yet (shocker!). I wore a beautiful dress by Lisa Marie Fernandez for my bridal shower, but I haven’t picked out anything else yet. I will definitely be linking things for you though! :)
C: I have absolutely no idea what I will be wearing except for at the wedding.

When do you want to have kids?
H: I can’t wait to have kids, and am excited to be coming together as a family of 3 to start with. We will be having kids of our own in the very near future. I have had baby fever for forever and have always loved kids so I really am excited.
C: Very soon

Who said I love you first?
H: Charles said it first and I’m pretty sure I didn’t say it back for a while. I didn’t want to say it until I was 100% sure that I meant it.
C: I did. She didn’t say it back until several days later, I think.

Who usually gets their way?
H: That would be me! He pretends that he can tell me no, but he actually can’t ;) haha
C: Who do you think?

How do you usually work through your problems?
H: Communication. Something I learned very early on with Charles was that we were going to talk any time something was bothering us. We are very open and honest with each other and usually after a conversation we are both feeling a lot better.
C: We talk through everything. Both her and I are very openminded, honest, and sensitive to each other and that helps us get through even our most challenging issues.

Do you guys plan on building your dream home?
H: Oh yes! Another thing I can’t wait for!
C: Oh yeah!

Who will be the bridesmaids and groomsmen?
H: My bridesmaids will be my 3 sisters and 2 best friends. I will be doing a post soon introducing them. Charles will have his 2 brothers and 3 friends.
C: My brothers and friends, and her sisters and 2 of her friends.

Where are you registering?
H: We don’t really need much house-wise, so we registered through theKnot.
C: theKnot.

Where are you getting married?
H: We will be getting married here in Henderson.
C: In a backyard. Can you believe it?

Do you have a travel bucket list together?
H: I have a travel bucket list for us that I made on Pinterest, but he hasn’t really seen much of it haha! There are so many places we want to go. Traveling is something you guys said you wanted to see more of from us, so we are going to do our best to share more of it!
C: Not yet. We have a partial wish list.

What is your favorite thing to see Haleigh in?
H: I’m pretty sure his favorite thing to see me in is this blue crop top I got from Lulus, and white shorts. I actually posted it here.
C: I like one of her outfits that is like this blue long sleeve shirt with these white shorts. It is June 5th, 2017 on the blog.

How do you feel about being a step mom? How do you feel about Haleigh being a step mom?
H: I will definitely be doing more posts on this in the future, but I am so excited to say the least. Emma is the SWEETEST little girl and I already love her so much. I feel so lucky that I get to be part of her life as an extra mom and I am excited because I know our relationship is only going to get stronger. Every time we are together she likes to try and match me (que adorable mommy + me outfits) and is definitely curious about everything I do. The first time I met her we were both eating Takis and she was like “Hey! We both like Takis. That’s 1 thing”. The remainder of the time we were together she was constantly looking for things we had in common. I think by the end of the trip she got up to like 250 similarities. She was counting. Seriously…. it was like the CUTEST thing ever. I will save the rest to a post dedicated to this topic :)
couldn’t be more excited. My daughter and Haleigh really like each other and Haleigh is very supportive of us both.

What is the one thing you do to keep the “spark” in your relationship?
H: Making time for 
each other and staying focused on the important things, like our relationship, each other, and Emma. We are constantly striving to do our best for each other and ourselves. I honestly don’t think the “honeymoon” phase is ever going to end for us… it definitely hasn’t yet!
C: Just give 
each other our best and really appreciate each other. Really hard to explain. Maybe I’ll write about it one day.

That is it! Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for all the support and love. We are so excited that we get to share this journey with all of you. :)

xo, Hales and Charles


  1. This post is definitely a favorite!! I am so happy beyond words for you both and sending so much love ♥️

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