Irresistible Me…

So as most of you probably already know, I recently cut my hair (I’m talking 10 inches!). This was huge for me. I haven’t cut my hair that short since 7th grade. Since cutting my hair, I haven’t had a second thought about it. I have LOVED it. My only regret? I can’t do braids like I used to! Lucky for me, I have my Irresistible Me hair extensions that have been a huge life saver for moments when I want more length!

If you are anything like me, you have always been a little iffy about hair extensions. We have all seen those extensions that make you want to cover your eyes. But seriously girls, these extensions are SO natural and blend perfectly with my hair. One more thing I wanted to mention, these extensions aren’t just for length! They are perfect for adding a little more thickness to your hair. I highly recommend you check them out here! Thanks so much for reading!

xo, HalesSincerely Hales - Plaid Sincerely Hales - Plaid Sincerely Hales - Plaid Sincerely Hales - Plaid

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