Destination: Warner Brothers Studio


 ^^^Where’s my PLL girls at? Outside Rosewood City Hall/High School
 ^^^In the batcave for where the new Batman vs. Superman movie is being filmed
 ^^^On the set of Hart of Dixie
 ^^^Outside the FRIENDS set
 ^^^Outside the set of PLL


 ^^^Yes, this is the exact cart used to transport the four girls from PLL… super cute!



The last day of my vacation was probably my favorite. I got to do something that is a once in a lifetime experience… go INSIDE the Warner Bros studio! There are tours that go through the studio, but none of them get to actually go inside the sets… WE DID!
This place was amazing and HUGE! You look one way and you’re in New York, and turn a corner and you are in Chicago.
One of the cool sets we went into was the Bat Cave where they are filming the new Batman vs. Superman movie! 
I also saw basically all things Pretty Little Liars. We went inside Rosewood High, and there was nothing inside! It was so strange.
Is everyone ready to hear my most favorite part? I saw the set of the new FULLER HOUSE!!!!!!!!! I grew up watching Full House. I watched each episode over and over and over (it got to the point to where if you would tell me the episode title, I could say exactly what happened in that episode). Needless to say, seeing the new set was super cool. 
Seeing all of the sets in the Warner Bros Studio was a great way to end my vacation. It is so cool to me how they can take a set and make it look like a real home and seeing how everything comes together to make a movie/TV show.
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